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DnD Sticker - Magician Sticker W20 with magic circle

DnD Sticker - Magician Sticker W20 with magic circle

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With the D&D magician sticker you bring the magic of your character to your laptop or notebook. The Fantasy W20 sticker shows a detailed magic circle that takes you into the world of magic.

Lovingly designed and handcrafted, the decal sticks to a variety of smooth surfaces and is easily removable. The sticker's narrow white border gives it a clean and professional look. Use the D&D Mage sticker to spice up your DnD character sheet or character sheet or to make the next pen and paper role-playing game even more exciting. The D20 dice are suitable for any D20 system, making this sticker the perfect gift for all Dungeons & Dragons and Fantasy fans.

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