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DnD Sticker - Villain Sticker W20 with pouch

DnD Sticker - Villain Sticker W20 with pouch

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Bring a sense of wealth and adventure to your laptop, notebook, or scrapbook with this handcrafted D&D Villain Sticker with Pouch and Gold Coins. The high-quality matte vinyl decal peels off easily one at a time and sticks to paper and smooth surfaces like plastic, metal or glass.

Each sticker has a narrow, white border and has been designed and printed with great attention to detail. Give your DnD character sheet or character sheet that certain something or use the stickers for other purposes in the pen & paper role-playing game. The D20 dice are suitable for any D20 system such as Pathfinder, D&D 5e or D&D 3.5 and make this sticker an essential accessory for every fantasy and D&D fan.

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