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DnD Sticker - Monk Sticker D20 with AI power

DnD Sticker - Monk Sticker D20 with AI power

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This D&D monk sticker with AI power is a perfect accessory for any RPG fan. Lovingly designed and handcrafted, the high quality W20 sticker is printed on white matte vinyl sticker paper. With a size of approx. 6 cm, the sticker is ideal for decorating laptops, notebooks, diaries and scrapbooks.

The D&D Monk Sticker with AI power is a great addition to DnD character sheets and character sheets, or for use in other pen and paper roleplaying games. The stickers can be removed individually and stick to paper and smooth surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass. The D20 dice are suitable for any D20 system such as Pathfinder, D&D 5e or D&D 3.5. Express your love for RPG and the fantasy world with this Fantasy W20 sticker.

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