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DnD Sticker - Bard Sticker W20 with parchment

DnD Sticker - Bard Sticker W20 with parchment

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Take your character sheet to the next level with the D&D Bard Sticker - Fantasy W20 Sticker with Parchment! This handcrafted sticker is lovingly designed and printed on premium white vinyl sticker paper. Each sticker has a narrow, white border and can be easily and individually removed.

Use this sticker to decorate your notebook, journal or scrapbook or to personalize your DnD character sheet or character sheet. The d20 dice design is perfect for any bard who wants to roll their dice in style. This sticker is also suitable for other uses in pen & paper role-playing games and fits any D20 system such as Pathfinder, D&D 5e or D&D 3.5. Add an awesome touch to your gaming setup with this D&D Bard sticker!

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